Upgrade For More Features!

Point of Success Special Edition can be upgraded to Point of Success Premium or Point of Success Standard versions, giving you even more of what you like at a low price.

Take Your Information With You

Special Edition data is fully compatible with all other versions of Point of Success. Your menu setup, product information, staff, sales data and system setup all move with you when you upgrade.

Additional Workstations

Upgrade to Point of Success Standard and get the option to use your POS software on more than one computer.

Help Your Restaurant Succeed

Point of Success Premium adds tons of additional features:

  • Customer Database – Store customer information to help in your marketing projects. You’re ready to go with email, postal mail, and other promotional campaigns
  • Manager’s Real-Time Information Screen – up-to-the-minute statistics for number and amount of orders, estimated food cost, hourly labor cost, gross margin, clocked in employees
  • Advanced Discounts – two for the price of one, buy x and get y free or discounted, target amounts, minimum order amount, maximum discount amount, quantity limits, discount an item when purchased in combination with other items, and more
  • Future Orders – Enter orders for a later time for catering orders, party orders, or an office lunch
  • Kitchen Monitor – Eliminate prep tickets by displaying orders in the kitchen on a computer screen
  • Advanced Ordering Screen Buttons – Super buttons make ordering sandwiches, pizza, coffee, bar items and other complex menu items easier by displaying all option and sizing buttons in one window. Combination buttons support multiple-component menu items and individual item upsizing.
  • Delivery Management – Dispatch and track delivery orders and manage driver banks.
  • QuickBooks Integration – Export sales and additional financial data for import into QuickBooks General Ledger.
  • And dozens more excellent features to make your work easier, your staff more efficient, your customers happier and your restaurant more successful.

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