Free Restaurant POS Software Features

Point of Success Special Edition restaurant and bar POS software includes everything you need to enter orders, serve your guests and track financial information. Additional features are available to help you run your restaurant or bar more efficiently, handle employee-related jobs and improve your financial performance and reporting.

Functionality to Fit Your Needs

The Order Entry main menu helps your servers do their job with minimal effort.

  • Touch New Order to start a new order for a guest. Your touch screen order menu guides servers through the ordering process.
  • Touch View Tickets to see a list of open orders. The order list can be sorted by table, server or other information to help to quickly find an order.
  • Touch No Sale to open the cash drawer. Security controls permit only staff members you designate to open the cash drawer.
  • Touch Manager to open or close a till and set program options. Tills let you control and track payments received into the point of sale system.
  • Touch Log Out to log out the current staff member and display the login window. Orders, payments and changes are tracked for each server, manager or cashier.
  • Touch Exit to leave the Order Entry program. This button offers security protection to prevent tampering with the computer by unauthorized staff members.

Touch Screen Order Entry

Point of Success Special Edition lets you design your menu to fit your way of working and the dishes you serve. Works with standard touch screens or a mouse and keyboard.

Guest order details are easy to see and change on the ticket. Options and modifiers are listed and controlled separately. Options can be designed to place an additional charge on a guest ticket.

Calculates and Controls Discounts

Define a list of discounts you permit and the menu items to which they can be applied.

Select a discount from your list of available discounts, then select the order items to which it will be applied. The discount amount is calculated and placed on the order.

Track and Secure Payments

Point of Success Special Edition tracks every payment for every order, letting you control and secure your cash. The software is designed to let you process credit card and gift card payments through the system. See the credit card processing page for additional information.

Kitchen or Bar Prep Tickets

Point of Success Special Edition will send preparation tickets to up to three remote printers including kitchen and bar prep areas and expo stations.

Clear, Concise Customer Receipts

Detailed customer receipts give your establishment a professional appearance.

Computer, Printer, Operating System and Other Requirements

Point of Success is designed to work with standard computers and point of sale hardware. If you have a fairly current system it should work with Point of Success.

All the technical details are here: System Requirements