Point of Success Special Edition Add-On Features

Point of Success restaurant and bar POS software includes everything you need to enter orders, serve your guests and track financial information. Additional features are available to help you run your restaurant or bar more efficiently, handle employee-related jobs and improve your financial performance and reporting.

Do Even More with Point of Success Special Edition! – These additional features are designed to add the powerful capabilities you want in your restaurant or bar. These modules are priced affordably so you can get what you need now!

Credit Card and Gift Card Processing

Make every order entry computer in your restaurant a credit card terminal! Fast authorizations, accurate accounting records and gift card services are all benefits of processing credit cards though your POS system.

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Online Ordering

Customers place their take-out, delivery or catering order on your web menu! Increase ticket averages, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. The Point of Success Online Ordering module receives your web orders from BigHoller online ordering service. Orders enter your Point of Success system as if they had been entered at the restaurant. No entering data from faxes! $199.

BigHoller setup fee ($150 for complete menu and ordering site setup) and monthly BigHoller unlimited order plan of $80 are required.

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Employee Timekeeping

Use this product to track employee hours worked. Supports employee clock-in, clock-out, time corrections, and printing of time reports to assist with payroll preparation. Uses existing Point of Success staff files to speed implementation. $99.

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Employee Scheduling

Works inside the Point of Success Office Manager to track employee availability, create work schedules, print schedules and predict labor costs. $99. 

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Table and Guest Management

Manages reservations, wait lists and table status at the hostess station. Servers and bartenders can use a table map to select the guest check to create, edit or cash out.  $99.

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